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In the beginning of 2017, Kate and Peter Walugembe felt the calling to help South Sudanese refugees in Northern Uganda. 

According to statistics from the United Nations refugee agency and Office of the Prime Minister (OPM), Uganda is currently hosting over 1,000,000 displaced persons from South Sudan, over 227,000 from DRC and more than 45,000 from Burundi. There are over 42,000 refugees from Somalia, over 17,000 from Rwanda and more than 20,000 from other countries, including about 40 Pakistanis. 

The displaced people perticularly in South Sudan which is the youngest nation in the world have fled their country because of war. Kate and Peter visited one of the camps in Northern Uganda and feel ready to go and start connecting with the displaced people, hear their stories and see how best to help them. 

I sat down with a Pastor from South Sudan and I asked him what is the cause of this endless war in South Sudan? He replied to me and said this war goes beyond government and opposition leaderships. He told me that from childhood, children are taught to hate anyone who is not from their tribe and this is not something we should expect to end any time soon. Kate and I want to love people just like Jesus did. We also want to be available whenever needed. If loving them brings hope, then peace will come.  

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Left:Levi,Aiden and Eliana are holding a chick given to them as a gift by a South Sudanese pastor who is also a refugee in one of the camps in Northern Uganda.                                                         Right:Levi, Aiden and Eliana playing during our first visit to the refugee camps recently.               As children of God, we need to get in these camps to show and share this amazing love we all have in our heavenly father. Kate and I are ready and we ask you to join us in this journey. The Ugandan government is overwhelmed with so many refugees coming in from South Sudan. Uganda has the biggest refugee camp in the world according to the United Nation refugee agency.

"When God says go, you go. And in this case, he already spoke. So, we are ready to go! Peter and Kate  ©NORTHERN LIGHTS MINISTRIES (2017)